Monthly Archives: September 2015

Episode 5 – Boner of Contention

This week, on a very special Inglorious Gentlemen Podcast, Nilem Sire learns the true meaning of Sailor Jerry and the gents welcome the Lord of the flame … Clint Thiele to the club.   Listen as they espouse witty banter about what truly pisses them – off.  Form nuts to butts, the gents tell all.

Episode 4 – I say! What’s on Telly?

Sir Punsalot leads the gents in a rousing conversation about T.V., which of course, leads to musings of breast implants. Sir Rantsalot joins the fray for much frivolity. In all, a splendid romp indeed!

Episode 3 – I Have Naked Photos of My Pharmacist

Have you seen naked photos of your pharmacist? Join the Inglorious Gatemen as they fondle the topics of honor, fetishes and PB&J! Two out of three pharmacists recommend a weekly dose of gents.