Monthly Archives: November 2015

Episode 10 – HanaRamaKwanzMas

Listen to the gents Lord Pomplamoose, Lord of the flame, Sir Rocksalot and Repunsalot explore the depths of topics like, but not limited to,: puking stories, what scares you?, and does money make happiness? It took me a while to get this one out. Just think of it as a gift from the past or something like that there.

Episode 9 – Questions

Filling in for that pumpsalot gent (no wonder why he never gets any… pumps air I must say) oh oh pardon me Pomplamoose (poor 4 legged beast) Tonight we have the most esteemed gentleman of the gentlemans club here from all across the kingdom of all the hemisphere of hemispheres That hot little number Lord for the flames That white creamy little devil Sir Christophe of Cumsalot Myself as much as myself can get РSir Punsalot