Episode 12 – ‘Tis The Season (Chipmunk Edition)

Hear, hear! I say, the gents are back with a very special unreleased chipmunk edition of episode 11. Stay tuned for new episodes coming very soon!

Episode 11 – ‘Tis The Season

Join theses festive gentile gents as they air their holiday grievances. Sir Punsalot ,Sir Rocksalot and Lord Harry of Palm discover the true meaning of commercialism and what this special time of year means to them.

Episode 10 – HanaRamaKwanzMas

Listen to the gents Lord Pomplamoose, Lord of the flame, Sir Rocksalot and Repunsalot explore the depths of topics like, but not limited to,: puking stories, what scares you?, and does money make happiness? It took me a while to get this one out. Just think of it as a gift from the past or something like that there.

Episode 9 – Questions

Filling in for that pumpsalot gent (no wonder why he never gets any… pumps air I must say) oh oh pardon me Pomplamoose (poor 4 legged beast) Tonight we have the most esteemed gentleman of the gentlemans club here from all across the kingdom of all the hemisphere of hemispheres That hot little number Lord for the flames That white creamy little devil Sir Christophe of Cumsalot Myself as much as myself can get – Sir Punsalot

Episode 8 – Philosophical

For your auditory stimulation, the gents , Sir Rocksalot, Sir Phunsalost and Lord of the Flame probe deep into philosophy, the law and boobs.

Episode 7 – Politically Speaking

Join the gents as they speak of things political. With elections happening on both sides of the border, they had lots to say.  Tonight, the gents are joined by Lord Harry of Palm  (Agent Palmer.com) and Sir Christophe of Cumsalot , the cousin of Pomplamoose.

Episode 5 – Boner of Contention

This week, on a very special Inglorious Gentlemen Podcast, Nilem Sire learns the true meaning of Sailor Jerry and the gents welcome the Lord of the flame … Clint Thiele to the club.   Listen as they espouse witty banter about what truly pisses them – off.  Form nuts to butts, the gents tell all.

Episode 4 – I say! What’s on Telly?

Sir Punsalot leads the gents in a rousing conversation about T.V., which of course, leads to musings of breast implants. Sir Rantsalot joins the fray for much frivolity. In all, a splendid romp indeed!

Episode 3 – I Have Naked Photos of My Pharmacist

Have you seen naked photos of your pharmacist? Join the Inglorious Gatemen as they fondle the topics of honor, fetishes and PB&J! Two out of three pharmacists recommend a weekly dose of gents.

Episode 2 – STDs? Pish-Posh & Piffle

In this astounding episode, the gents discuss, cell phones, dumbassity, condoms, parenting and Sir RantsAlot loses his S@!T.

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